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Your solar panels should meet your unique wants and needs. Whether you care about efficiency, appearance, size, or all of the above, we provide options that are sure to satisfy.

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Why Invest in Solar Panels?

Solar power is a renewable energy source, meaning it will last for as long as the sun is around. Not only does this make solar power reliable, but it also makes it eco-friendly — you aren't using any depletable resources to generate energy. It's also good for your wallet, saving the average solar customer tens of thousands of dollars on electric bills over a system's lifetime.

What Should Go Into My Solar Panel Decision?

Solar Cell Quality

Monocrystalline panels offer the highest performance when compared to polycrystalline panels. This is because monocrystalline cells are each made out of a single silicon crystal and are therefore "purer," whereas polycrystalline cells are composed of multiple silicon crystal fragments that have been melded together. If you're going for high efficiency, explore our monocrystalline panels.


Solar panel cost tends to correlate with quality, but there are certainly budget options that boast high performance. On the lower end, you'll find solar panels that cost around $1.00 per watt, while the more expensive panels are closer to $2.00 per watt.


Unless you own several acres of property, there's a good chance your available space for solar panels is limited. Smaller panels that pack a big efficiency punch will likely be more expensive than larger ones that take up more space.


While perhaps not as strong a consideration as performance, panel appearance matters. You may be more drawn to sleek black panels than thicker panels with an aluminum trim. Determine which panels will look best on your property and opt for those.

Common Questions About Solar Panels

Which Solar Panels Should I Choose?

Your choice of solar panel brand and model depends on your individual needs and budget. Some brands offer sleek, compact panels with high efficiency and a high price tag while other brands offer slightly larger or less efficient panels that are more affordable.

How Do I Get Solar Panels for Free?

You may hear solar companies use the phrase "free solar panels" when advertising their product. As much as we wish that everyone could enjoy solar without paying a nickel, phrases like this usually refer to solar rental agreements that require you to pay monthly to use solar panels owned by a leasing or PPA company.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels save you money on electricity, improve the value of your home, and contribute to clean energy. With such a significant long-term ROI, solar panels are certainly worth the investment.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Every home and solar panel system is different, but the average household needs somewhere between 15 and 30 solar panels to completely offset its energy usage.