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BigBattery 48V GRILA 6kWh

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BigBattery’s 48V 6 kWh LiFePO4 GORILLA (GRILA) battery is our most compact and capable home storage solution!

Don’t let this battery’s size fool you. This unit packs a lot of capacity in a compact and portable housing, and with a Max. Discharge Current of 200 Amps, the GRILA is prepared to handle high power loads for your 48V applications. Connect a few together in parallel and you’ll have a massive power system ready to go for when you need it most.

Plus, with a 120 Ah Continuous Discharge Current, you could power your 2-4 bedroom home entirely off a single unit! This mighty beast of a battery is made right here in the USA and is by far the most cost-effective (price/kWh) solar and off-grid solution in its class available today. So if you’re looking to massively upgrade your battery system, start with the 48V GRILA!