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Sol-Ark 8.0kW Inverter

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The Sol-Ark-8K is a 8kW All-In-One Split-Phase Battery Inverter with color touch display. This inverter comes with 5 years warranty. Sometime its also known as power inverter or hybrid inverter. The Sol-Ark battery inverter is design in such a way that it integrate your existing grid-tied PV system with power back-up. It can be used with commercial, grid-tied, off-grid, & retrofit-kit. 

Key Features:

  • AC Coupling with backup upto 7kW on existing Grid-Tied
  • Programmable load for high-power off-grid items
  • Smart Load: Auto on/off grid
  • 48V Battery Input
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Auto-Generator Start
  • Rapid Shut Down Signal
  • Wireless monitoring & remote software updates
  • 120/240V Split Phase