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Electrical Appliances Power Consumption Chart

From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you fall asleep, you’ve probably used countless electric appliances around your home. While these devices make life easier, they aren’t so easy on your wallet if you don’t pay attention to their power consumption. 

Below, you’ll find an electrical appliances power consumption chart that shows typical household appliances along with their estimated wattage. 

We’ve listed the average watts of each standard appliance, but it’s important to note that the power consumption of your appliances may differ from these figures, as many factors play into how much electricity you’re actually using (model, size, usage time, etc.). 

Use these charts or download the full PDF to learn just how much wattage your electrical appliances are consuming on average.

Kitchen Appliances

Appliance Watts
Refrigerator 300-1000
Freezer 300-700
Garbage Disposal 700
Microwave 800-1000
Electric Oven 2000-5000
Stove 3000
Dishwasher 1200-2400
Blender 500-750
Toaster 800-1500
Toaster Oven 1200-1400
Drip Coffee Machine 550-1200
Single-Serve Brewer 900-1500
Espresso Machine 1000-1500
Can Opener 175
Electric Kettle 1500
Electric Hand Mixer 200-250
Deep Fryer 1000
Air Fryer 800-1800
Slow Cooker 108
Instant Pot 700-1200
Rice Cooker 400
Ice Maker 90
Bread Maker 500-1500
Juicer 400-1000
Food Processor 500-1200
Wine Cooler 90

Heating and Cooling

Appliance Watts
Central Air Conditioner 1000-3500
Window Air Conditioner 500-1400
Space Heater 1500
Fan Blower 12-600
Box Fan 50-200
Ceiling Fan 20-80
Electric Tankless Water Heater 28000
Electric Water Heater 1125-4000


Appliance Watts
Blow Dryer 800-1800
Curling Iron 150
Electric Shaver 6
Straight Iron 330
Electric Toothbrush 8-12
Towel Warmer 500


Appliance Watts
Plasma TV 150-500
LCD TV 60-150
Video Game Console 160-200
Projector 150-800
Gaming Desktop Computer 300-500
Satellite Dish 20-30
Cable Box 35
DVD Player 15
Blu-ray Player 15
Stereo 8
Record Player 3


Appliance Watts
Incandescent Light Bulbs 60
LED Light Bulbs 10
1’ LED Light Strips 1.6
Incandescent C9 String Lights (25 bulbs) 175

LED String C9 Lights (25 bulbs)

Incandescent Mini String Lights (1,000 bulbs) 408
LED Mini String Lights (1,000 bulbs) 69

Home Office Appliances

Appliance Watts
Standard Desktop Computer 65-250
Laptop 50
LCD Monitor 35-80
Router 5-20
Printer 30-50
Paper Shredder 200
Copy Machine 300-500
Smartphone Charger 5
Tablet Charger 12
Modem 2-20
Scanner 25

Household Tools and Devices

Appliance Watts
Vacuum 450-3,000
Lawn Mower 700-1,800
Chain Saw 1,200
Circular Saw 1,200
Disc Sander 1,200
Hedge Trimmer 450
Weed Trimmer 500
Edge Trimmer 500
Drill 720
CCTV Camera 2-15
Burglar Alarm 7-8
Humidifier 11
Dehumidifier 30-50
Air Purifier 8-56
Sewing Machine 750
Electric Blanket 100-150

Bathroom Appliances

Appliance Watts
Blow Dryer 800-1800
Curling Iron 150
Electric Shaver 6
Straight Iron 330
Electric Toothbrush 8-12
Towel Warmer 500

Electrical Appliances Power Consumption Chart PDF

If you’d like to access these charts all in one place, download this electrical appliances power consumption chart PDF. 

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